Conan unterschreiben bei Napalm Records

Die britischen Doomster von CONAN haben nun auch für den europäischen Markt ein Label gefunden. Das Trio aus Liverpool konnte das österreichische Label mit ihrem Full-Length-Debüt überzeugen und so kam ein Vertrag der beiden Parteien zustande.
Hier das Statement der Band:

„We are very happy to associated with a label such as Napalm Records / Spinning Goblin and are looking forward to seeing how the new record comes out. We turned down two other record deals, both from labels that we could have quite justifiably agreed terms with, but for several reasons we wanted to move on with Napalm once they showed interest.

We have enjoyed excellent relationships with every label we have worked with and it would have taken something extremely special to convince us to move away from Burning World Records, with whom we have enjoyed a particularly happy period. Thanks to JP, Jurgen and Desiree for helping us into this position and supporting us so far.

Everything that comes our way is a huge bonus, for we give everything and expect nothing. To be considered worthy of a label such as Napalm Records is a pretty big thing for us so we’ll give it our best shot.


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