Gold streamen komplettes Album

Die niederländischen Rocker GOLD haben ihr am 5. April erschienenes Album „Why Aren’t You Laughing“ komplett im Stream bereitgestellt. Hier geht es zum Stream.

Gitarrist Thomas Sciarone kommentiert: „On Why Aren’t You Laughing? we gave it our all. As hard as it is to categorise musically (it’s somewhere between Portishead and Katatonia), as powerful it is emotionally. This might be the saddest album of all sad albums.“

Sängerin Milena Eva fügt hinzu: „I tell you some of my most personal stories. It’s about loss and trauma and the complexity of life. I couldn’t have been more honest and vulnerable and I think that’s all we need right now. I hope it sparks empathy. Not for me, but for everybody around you. Just know, that you and everybody you meet have their own complex lives.“

25.04.19 Berlin, Urban Spree
28.04.19 AT-Wien, Arena
30.04.19 AT-Linz, KAPU
01.05.19 Jena, Kassablanca
02.05.19 Köln, MTC
10.05.19 Gießen, Post Valley Festival
17.05.19 Lohr, Umsonst und Drinnen

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