Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) kündigt Solo-Projekt an

Die aktuelle Arch-Enemy-Fronterin Alissa White-Gluz hat kürzlich bekanntgegeben, dass sie ihr eigenes Solo-Projekt ALISSA starten wird. Dafür hat sie einen Vertrag bei Napalm Records unterschrieben. Mitglieder von Arch Enemy und andere Gastmusiker werden sie dabei unterstützen, außerdem soll dabei auch wieder ihre klare Singstimme zum Einsatz kommen.

Genaueres darüber erfahrt ihr in Alissas Statement: “I’m excited to announce that I am currently composing and building my first solo album for the project aptly and honestly entitled “ALISSA” which will see some more of my creative adventures unleashed. It is a welcome creative outlet to unlock all of my lyrical and musical vaults with zero restriction or pressure to conform to any particular style or era. I also pay close attention to what my fans want – I haven’t been ignoring the consistent requests for my clean singing voice! With Angela Gossow as management and Napalm Records just as passionate as I am about this new project, I’m fortunate to have found a home amongst friends and colleagues who are supportive and encouraging of my full musical spectrum. This album will also feature members of the Arch Enemy family, both current and past, as well as many of the other great artists I have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with throughout my career. So many respected artists have invited me into their music over the years, now it’s time to bring them into my world.   Thank you to all my incredible fans around the world – this music is for you!” 

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