Cattle Decapitation: Neue Platte 2015

Die aus San Diego stammenden Grindcorer/ Progressive-Death-Metaler von CATTLE DECAPITATION arbeiten an dem Nachfolger ihres im letzten Jahr auf den Markt gekommenen Albums „Monolith Of Inhumanity“. Bezüglich ihres siebten Full-Lengths, dessen Veröffentlichung für Anfang 2015 erwartet wird, äußerte sich die Band wie folgt:

Since we got home from The Summer Slaughter Tour the guys have been hard at work on new material! I actually go in next week to grab a quick run through of the first new track they have completed so I can start writing lyrics to it. I have heard the track and I hate to say anything just yet because we will be spending the next full year from now working on the next album, but I will say the stuff they’re working on is intense. I can’t wait to start writing lyrics to it and so far is in league with one of our current musical aspirations… to make fans of our last record shit themselves! We’ll be taking a small break to play a few shows in our region with EyeHateGod and our friends Strong Intetion on their January tour!

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