Katatonia planen Akustikversion

Die Düsterheimer von KATATONIA haben bekannt gegeben, dass sie eine atmosphärische Akustikversion von „Dead End Kings“ veröffentlichen werden. Das Statement liest sich wie folgt:
„Just done with stripping down the ‚Dead End Kings‘ album to an atmospheric sound void of any metal. Early on we felt it was both peculiar and interesting how the songs could breathe on their own taking a different minimal approach, so we wanted to go back and explore this in a very spontaneous and unpretentious way.

Vocals, keyboards and acoustic guitars are in and distorted guitars/bass and drums are out! Stay tuned for a release date!

And from one big project to another… the next upcoming weeks I’ll be spending diggin‘ into old boxes and transferring ancient VHS cassettes and DV tapes to digital media, so we can finally get goin‘ on the actual edit on the documentary that will hopefully wrap up the anniversary DVD that’s been taken forevah! Have a good weekend!“

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