Katatonia schlagen ein wie eine Bombe

Schwedischer Dark Rock hat ganz offensichtlich loyale Anhänger. Anders ließen sich folgende Chartplatzierungen des gerade veröffentlichten neuen Albums „Dead End Kings“ nicht erklären:
Deutschland: #21
Finnland: #4
Niederlande: #60
Norwegen: #17
Österreich: #25
Schweden: #12
Schweiz: #46
USA: #138

Gitarrist Anders Nyström kommentiert: “People might think only the biggest artists, or the latest, hyped and most commercial music only lands on the actual album charts, but it seems five miserable Swedes just destroyed that fact. Bottom line is that all charts are based on actual album sales, nothing more, nothing less, so this simply proves that Katatonia got a loyal following, that positively still in today’s climate, are determined to buy our albums. In our turn, albums, that are again despite today’s climate, still built on music prior other aspects, so it’s pretty glorious really! THANK YOU for supporting Katatonia! We’re proud to be more than a just scribble in the margins of your lives. Long live the dead end king!”