Metal Blade mit Neuzugang aus Florida

Die technischen Deather von ABIOTIC sind der aktuellste Neuzugang im Hause Metal Blade und haben einen weltweiten Multi-Album-Deal unterschrieben. Im September 2011 veröffentlichten ABIOTIC ihre EP „A Universal Plague“.

ABIOTIC über die Vertragsunterschrift: „We can’t express how amazing it is to be on the same label as some of our favorite bands and how great it feels to be working with one of the biggest labels in metal!“

Metal Blade freuen sich ebenfalls: „It’s rare to come across a band as well put together as ABIOTIC. The video for Vermosapien makes it immediately evident that this band has the chops, songs, work ethic, and live show to perform alongside any contemporary death metal act. We very much look forward to releasing this band’s music to a worldwide audience later this year!“

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