Napalm Records nehmen neue Melo-Death-Band unter Vertrag

Die neue Band im Roster von Napalm Records nennt sich SHYLMAGOGHNAR. Es handelt sich um ein Melo-Death-/Prog-Metal-Duo aus den Niederlanden, das 2014 sein Debüt „Emergence“ veröffentlichte. Die Platte soll nun über Napalm Records auch als Vinyl veröffentlicht werden. Das Artwork und die Tracklist findet ihr weiter unten.

Die Band über den Vertrag mit Napalm Records: „We are excited to announce we will be working together with Napalm Records! We feel they are a respectable label with an integrity and enthusiasm we very much connect with. As such, they are a natural match to the style and ideology behind SHYLMAGOGHNAR, and we are very much looking forward to our collaboration!“

Sebastian Muench von Napalm Records kommentiert: „We are super excited to finally announce the world-wide signing of Dutch Progressive/Melodic Death Metal Band SHYLMAGOGHNAR! The debut album release of „Emergence“ in 2014 can be considered one of the most brilliant albums in the last 10 years and already received close to 1 million views on YouTube! It makes me very happy to say that „Emergence“ will be released on vinyl along with a new sophomore recording! Welcome to the Napalm family!“

Die Tracklist:
01. I Am the Abyss
02. Emergence
03. Edin in Ashes
04. This World Shall Fall
05. Squandered Paradise
06. Eternal Forest
07. The Cosmic Tide
08. A New Dawn
09. The Sun No Longer

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