Opeth bringen ein Buch heraus

Anlässlich ihres 25-jährigen Bandjubiläums bringen die schwedischen Progressive-Rocker von OPETH ein Buch auf den Markt, welches thematisch die Historie der Band umfassen soll.

Mehr Informationen könnt ihr aus diesem Statement des Quintetts entnehmen:
To celebrate their 25th anniversary OPETH have teamed up with book publisher Rocket 88 to work on the official OPETH book.

In this amazing book the band will tell you their full story for the first time – the good, the bad, the ugly – in their own words, with a little help from former members, label bosses, management, producers, and anyone else that’s been there for the key moments in the band’s illustrious career.

OPETH’s long and winding story will be illustrated throughout with rare and unseen images of life on the road, working in the studio, and other unique glimpses into the world of OPETH.

Rocket 88 Books are inviting fans to get in touch if they have any items of visual interest: photos/posters/ticket stubs/fliers/anything!

Don’t send images yet, just let Rocket 88 know what you have and they will review all that’s sent in with consideration for inclusion in what will be a truly exceptional book about one of Metal’s most important bands. Your stuff could be in the book!

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