Ungewöhnliches Video von Shining (Nor)

Die experimentellen Norweger von SHINING zeigen einen bemerkenswerten Clip zu ihrer Single „I Won’t Forget“ vom aktuellen Album „One One One“. Das Video ist eine ungeschnittene Live-Aufnahme und zeigt die Herren um Jørgen Munkeby auf demolierten Grund spielen.

Der Anlass zu dieser Aktion:
SHINING performing their single „I Won’t Forget“ on location where their studio and rehearsal rooms are being torn down to make apartments, along with fifty other studios. SHINING think it’s a pity that another building with arts and music are being torn down, and are fighting to keep the creative environment alive in these buildings. „In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.“ (Theo C.) We won’t forget the silence of the government with this case.
The clip is filmed in one take without any editing. Audio is recorded with only one stereo mic for the band and one mic on vocals and sax. It’s as real as you get. Produced and directed by Jonas Bødtker for NRK P3 as part of the series „P3 Spanderer“.

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