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„I Am Legion“, die neue Platte der schwedischen Blackened-Thrasher WITCHERY erscheint am 10. November 2017 über Century Media. Zu dem Track „Welcome, Night“ könnt ihr euch schon jetzt das offizielle Lyrics-Video ansehen, das ihr gleich im Anschluss findet.

Gitarrist Patrick Jensen kommentierte den Song: „On ‚I Am Legion‘, we have tried a few things that WITCHERY never has done before. ‚Welcome, Night‘, with its odd timing, atypical arrangement and with riffs that are meant to enhance the vocals/lyrics (and not the other way around as per usual), makes the song probably my favorite track on the album. I like how the lyrics turned out too. They might lead you to think about a certain infamous incident in history, but I chose to place it in ‚the year 1855‘ to distance the song from that, yet keeping it in the same Victorian setting.
I got a question from a journalist if the lyrics somehow were about ‚the Devil’s footprints‘ that happened that specific year. They’re not connected, but I can recommend looking up that particular incident. Pretty interesting. Please enjoy the contribution of our two great friends — Nick Barker’s spoken word and Mike Wead’s solo — in the song as well!“


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