Es bleiben bei Napalm Records …

… die Portugiesen MOONSPELL.

Dazu Band-Mastermind Fernando Ribeiro:

“Moonspell has come to an interesting moment of our life as a band and after releasing Extinct, it was like a veil was taken off our eyes end we decided to only pair with people who believe in our music and who can see beyond and rise above the rotten waters most of the business and music fell into these past few years. With that in mind we joined forces with Napalm again, because they BELIEVE us, because they let us go and dare with our music and because they hold truth to their word. We might not have signed in blood but our starts aligned and it’s with pleasure and hope in a great future that we say these news to all our fans. The future might be dark but without true people like the ones working for Napalm, there would be no tomorrow.“ 

Thomas Caser, Napalms Vizepräsident, fügt hinzu: „We are proud that one of the most exciting and innovative Metal bands of today have prolongued the cooperation with Napalm Records. The path we have started together with the band two albums ago will continue and we will spare no efforts to grow the Portoguese wolves in the future!”

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