Lifelover mit Statement zur Todesursache von B

Die Norwegischen Black Metaller LIFELOVER haben nun ein Statement zur Todesursache ihres Songwriters B veröffentlicht. Demnach soll dieser ersten Untersuchungsergebnissen zufolge an einer Überdosis eines Medikamentes, welches er aufgrund einer schwerwiegenden Erkrankung einnehmen musste, verstorben sein. Die Band geht jedoch nicht von Selbstmord, sondern unsachgemäßem Umgang mit dem Medikament aus.

Hier das Statement im Wortlaut:

„I feel it’s time to tell the world what we know.The autopsy report took a very long time and we still don’t know exactly everything since we only got a provisional report.
Anyhow, for this to make more sense you need to know that Jonas suffered from General Anxiety Disorder which means that he had constant anxiety and had very heavy medication due to that.
Jonas died from poisoning and overdose. We don’t know of what exactly.

We believe that since the body adjust to medication he took higher and higher doses and that he perhaps took a pill or two too much. The body also get worse at handling the medicines over time so the „normal dose“ can be deadly if you take it for too many years.
Jonas got his first Benzodiazepine when he was only 18 and got stronger and stronger medication over the years.

This is our (the family’s) theory.“

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