Lonely Robot kündigen zweites Album an

LONELY ROBOT, das Projekt von Singer/Songwriter John Mitchell, haben die Veröffentlichung ihres zweiten Studioalbums angekündigt. Das Album wird den Namen „The Big Dream“ tragen und als zentrales Thema den Astronauten haben, welcher gleichzeitig auch der Hauptcharakter im LONELY-ROBOT-Kosmos ist.

John Mitchell erklärt dies wie folgt: „The Astronaut wakes up from a cryogenic sleep but finds he’s no longer in space, and is instead in a woodland area surrounded by a group of strange people with animal heads! It’s a little surreal, a little ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to some extent. This is something of a solipsistic haze, for want of a better description!“

Weiterhin sagt Mitchell zum Konzept hinter LONELY ROBOT: „I have always envisaged the storyline of The Astronaut’s journey evolving over the course of three albums. And I always knew where I wanted to go with the second album – taking The Astronaut away from space and into a strange and unfamiliar environment. Right now, I have no thoughts of what will happen for the third one but I’d better start thinking about it now! The key inspiration for Lonely Robot comes from my love of science fiction films, and the atmospheric soundtracks that often accompany them – such as Alan Silvestri’s compositions for ‘Contact’ and Clint Mansell’s work for ‘Moon’.“

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