Long Distance Calling: Album angekündigt

Nach drei erfolgreichen Alben bei Superball Music kehren LONG DISTANCE CALLING zu InsideOut Music zurück und haben gleichzeitig ihr neues Album „Trips“ für den 29. April 2016 angekündigt.

Die Band hat auch einige Infos zum Album und dem neuen Lineup parat: “Since he wanted to focus on his private life Martin ‘Marsen’ Fischer has decided to step back from LONG DISTANCE CALLING, but he didn’t leave without recording most of the keyboards and sound effects on ‘TRIPS’. In true LONG DISTANCE CALLING fashion we have another surprise up our sleeves and would like to introduce Petter Carlsen on vocals. About half of the new songs come with vocals and Petter did one hell of a job. We are really happy to have him on board for ‘TRIPS’! In case his name rings a bell you are totally right: He already did vocals on the song ‘Welcome Change’ on the album ‘The Flood Inside’. We are sure that you’ll love the new stuff with him singing!”

Petter Carlsen fügt hinzu: „I instantly became a fan of LONG DISTANCE CALLING the moment we met on tour with Anathema back in 2010 – both their music and their personalities. I am grateful that they made a long distance calling to Norway, asking me to join in on this album, and I am very proud to be a part of it. We had a great time at Principal Studios, it was a focused, relaxed and very creative atmosphere at the same time. It was a pleasure to add my color to these well-crafted songs.”

Die neuen Songs werden an einigen Live-Terminen präsentiert, die in Kürze bekannt gegeben werden.

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