Moonspell nennen Release-Date für „1755“

MOONSPELL haben den Veröffentlichungstag des kommenden Albums „1755“ bekannt gegeben. Das neue Werk, welches komplett auf portugiesisch sein wird und das große Erdbeben von Lissabon behandelt, wird am 03.11.2017 erscheinen.
Wer reiselustig ist und sowieso schon immer mal nach Portugal wollte, hat die Chance eine der exklusiven Release-Shows zu besuchen und das Album schon dort zu erhalten. Insgesamt wird es drei Shows geben. Am 30. und 31. Oktober in Lissabon und am 01. November in Porto.

Die Band kündigt die Shows wie folgt an: „On these shows we’re gonna play 1755 in its entirety but also recover some obscure stuff we haven’t been playing for many years.
1755 is a poetic, musical and philosophical reflection of the band about the tragic event that took place on the 1st of November of 1755 in Lisbon, decimating the entire city.
It’s mostly a Metal record, with vibrant riffs, epic orchestration and vocals and lyrics which invoke the agony of that day. The band was also concerned in recreating the end of the 18th century Lisbon and there will be lots of fusion, percussion and a melodic approach to that time and to the atmosphere the great city of Lisbon enjoyed back then.
There will be ten powerful, surprising songs that echo remotely to some of Moonspell previous efforts like Under the Moonspell or alpha Noir. But make no mistake! This is MOONSPELL as you never heard them before, with the fire of their native Language Portuguese and 900 years of History to unveil!
An historical, rigorous, serious, artistic record. A black beast from Portugal that the Metal scene so craves for.“

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