Neues Swallow The Sun-Album im Feburar

Die finnischen Melodic-Death/Doom-Meister SWALLOW THE SUN werden am 3. Februar 2012 ihr neues Album „Emerald Forest And The Blackbird“ über Spinefarm Records / Universal veröffentlichen.

Der Nachfolger zu „New Moon“, welches 2009 die Top 10 der finnischen Charts knackte, wurde in den Drumforest Studios unter der Leitung von Mikko Karmila (u.a. Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, Amorphis) aufgenommen und beinhaltet Gastauftritte von Anette Olzon (Nightwish) und Aleah Stanbridge (Trees Of Eterniyt). Den Mix besorgte Hiili Hiilesmaa (Apocalytica, HIM, etc.).

Die Tracklist liest sich wie folgt:

1. Emeral Forest And The Blackbird
2. This Cut Is The Deepest
3. Hate, Lead The Way
4. Cathedral Walls (feat. Anette Olzon)
5. Hearts Wide Shut
6. Silent Towers
7. Labyrinth Of London (Horror Pt. IV)
8. Of Death And Corruption
9. April 14th
10. Night Will Forgive Us

Statement von Bandleader und Gitarrist Juho Raivio:
“I was listening over and over again to an old Finnish lullaby and suddenly the image came into my mind of a father reading a tale to his dying child, trying to explain where the child was going that night…. the tale of the Emerald Forest And The Blackbird. As for the song ‘Cathedral Walls’, we are extremely honoured to have Anette Olzon featuring on vocals – her signature tones give the song the depth and the angelic character it demands…”

Statement Anette Olzon:
“When I heard the demo of ‘Cathedral Walls’, I fell in love with the song straight away – the melody and the lyrics are truly beautiful.”

Auch ein Artwork gibt es bereits zu bestaunen: