Party.San plus vier

Pünktlich zum Beginn des Wochenendes legt das Party.San Open Air (08. 10.08.213 auf dem Flugplatz Obermehler, Schlotheim) nocheinmal vier Bands nach:

The german chart-topping band HEAVEN SHALL BURN (ger) occurs as thursday headliner on PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2013. Molle, Maik & Co. already played our festival back in the years 1996, 1999 & 2004 and left impressive musical traces. We are very happy to welcome those guys back since we are good friends for a long time. HEAVEN SHALL BURN is looking forward to present their new album “Veto”(Century Media) at the 19th of April which can be described as massive metal monster with tremendous teeth. Expect 11 songs of unyielding heaviness influenced by the mighty Bolt Thrower and Edge Of Sanity. This will be a show to remember!!!
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Roots: Bolt Thrower, Edge Of Sanity

DEMONICAL(swe) confirmed for PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR 2013! Do you like old school Swedish death metal? Well you’re going to bloody love DEMONICAL. No frills, nothing pretentious, just balls to the wall, corpse-flinging death metal that is played with a burning intensity and really puts the pedal to the metal. If you care about Swedish death metal you need to check their show!
Style: Death Metal
Roots: Entombed, Centinex

PROCESSION(swe/chi) are a band for whom being clad in black is not nearly dark enough to suit their tastes. Playing a beautifully melancholic form of Doom that sits, in its majestic and morose manner, somewhere between Black Sabbath and Candlemass with several shades of the late, lamented Reverend Bizarre thrown in for good measure, Procession seem to have both the talent and the attitude to live up to the lofty press-release claim that they could succeed Reverend Bizarre as leaders of the Doom scene. Check them out live at PARTY.SAN 2013!
Style: Doom Metal
Roots: Candlemass, Count Raven

PURGATORY are a long running death metal institution from Germany which deals in a dark and angry brand of brutality. It´s all about death metal and keeping the old school flame alive. Somewhere between Incantation and old Vader these Germans found their personal corner of existence. PURGATORY is about to release their 7th album “Deathkvlt-Grand AncientArts” through War-Anthem Records during the spring of 2013. Watch their show!
Style: Death Metal
Roots: Incantation, Vader

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