Power Theory beginnen Pre-Production

Die US-Metaller von POWER THEORY haben bekannt gegeben, dass sie kürzlich mit der Pre-Production zum kommenden Album begonnen haben. Die Produktion des Albums hat Carlos Alvarez übernommen, welcher momentan auch als Live-Gitarrist in der Band aktiv ist.

Gitarrist Rob „BB“ Ballinger sagt zu den Arbeiten: „The goal is to wrap up pre-production sometime in fall 2017 and begin actual album recordings shortly after with a release aimed for Spring 2018. Carlos Alvarez, who worked with the band for Driven By Fear and the recently released EP Something Old, Something New & Something F**king LIVE!!! From Europe, will again be producing, recording and mixing. Mastering will most likely again be handled by Brett Caldas-Lima of Tower Studio in France. The as yet untitled follow up will see POWER THEORY pushing their Traditional / Power Metal style cemented on Driven By Fear even further in terms of heaviness, speed and intricacy, while sacrificing none of their established hallmarks of melodic, anthemic songwriting. Song titles set to appear include „Draugr“ and „King Of Lies“ with the band shooting for around 10 tracks overall.“

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