Rhapsody Of Fire verlieren Sänger und Drummer

Nach dem Aus von Sänger Fabio Lione hat nun auch Schlagzeuger Alex Holzwarth seinen Abschied von RHAPSODY OF FIRE genommen. Zu seinem Ausstieg hat der Drummer auf der Facebook-Seite der Band ein Statement veröffentlicht. Die verbliebenen Mitglieder von RHAPSODY OF FIRE wollen allerdings weitermachen.

Lest hier das komplette Statement von Holzwarth:

„My dear Rhapsody Of Fire fans!

Some of you may know, I wanted to do something different since a long time and I feel the time is right to focus my energies on other projects. This means I won’t be able to play with Rhapsody Of Fire anymore. My bandmates have known about this and they are supportive. I know it comes very soon after Fabio’s leaving but I feel that’s the best moment to do it as the band is already working on the new line-up.

I wish the Band everything positive and best luck for their new chapter with a new singer and new drummer. There will be a fresh line-up for an exciting future. I really trust ROF for finding the most suitable musicians.
All the best to my Rhapsody Of Fire family, friends and fans.

See you on the road somewhere!

Alex Holzwarth“

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