Skindred unterschreiben bei Napalm Records

Die Ragga-Punk-Metal-Combo SKINDRED hat einen weltweiten Deal bei Napalm Records unterzeichnet. Die Band machte zuletzt mit dem 2014er Werk „Kill The Power“ auf sich aufmerksam und arbeitet bereits eifrig an einem Nachfolger.

Seven Webster, SKINDRED Manager (7PM Management) sagte über den Deal:
“We have been talking to Napalm Records for a long time and we all believe that Skindred now needs to be with a designated Rock label that understands the genre and the band and that shares our passion and belief in the band on every level and wants to work with us on further building and breaking the band globally and taking them to the next level in what we all see as the next part of a long campaign. We could not be happier with this deal!”

Napalm Records Vize-Präsident Thomas Caser zum Signing von SKINDRED:
„Working with Skindred is a dream come true for me and all of us at Napalm Records. Skindred entered the Top 40 in the UK on their most recent album ‘Kill the Power’ and we believe we can build on this success not only in the UK but also in Germany, the US and the Rest of the World!”

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