Soulfly: Neuigkeiten zum neuen Album

Am 14. August 2015 werden SOULFLY ihr zehntes Studioalbum „Archangel“ via Nuclear Blast veröffentlichen. Das Coverartwork stammt vom Künstler Eliran Kantor. Dieser kommentiert die Platte und seine Arbeit dazu wie folgt:

„I’ve been a fan of Max’s music ever since discovering »Beneath The Remains« in high school. When my wife and I got married ‚Territory‘ was even played at the dance party part of our wedding. 
Max asked me to do a traditional piece depicting Archangel Michael – and I tried to go beyond the straight-up neo-classical style as that has been perfected centuries ago, so I mixed in SOULFLY’s own visual world: hence the wings and spear being shaped like the SOULFLY tribal icon, the cliff with the ocean view just like on the first record, and the Brazilian flag being the core of it’s color scheme.“


01. We Sold Our Souls To Metal
02. Archangel
03. Sodomites (feat. Todd Jones von Nails)
04. Ishtar Rising
05. Live Life Hard! (feat. Matt Young von King Parrot)
06. Shamash
07. Bethlehem’s Blood
08. Titans
09. Deceiver
10. Mother Of Dragons (feat. Richie Cavalera von Incite, Igor Cavalera von Lody Kong, Anahid M.O.P.)

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