Jinjer zeigen Live-Session-Video

Die ukrainischen Groove-Metaller JINJER haben ein spezielles Live-Session-Video ihres Songs „Pisces“ vom dritten  Studioalbum „King Of Everything“ veröffentlicht. Der Longplayer erschien im letzten Juli über Napalm Records.

Die Band kommentiert: „I believe we had this idea to record a new version of ‚Pisces‘ when we first rehearsed the song with Vlad Ulasevich as a new drummer. His drumming makes the song sound really different. So we finally had some free time last winter, we went to Istok studio in Kiev, did a live recording and shooting, then added over some extra lines, like a few backing vocals and guitars, then Max from Morton Studio made this new magnificent version of mixing and here we are — ‚Pisces‘ video. I hope you will enjoy it!“

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