Napalm Records verlautbaren Neuzugang

Die kanadische Metalcore-/Melo-Death-Truppe THE AGONIST hat kürzlich einen weltweiten Vertrag mit Napalm Records unterschrieben. Derzeit ist die Band mit Produzent Mike Plotnikoff im Studio, um den Nachfolger ihres 2015er Albums „Eye Of Providence“ aufzunehmen.

Gitarrist Danny Marino über den Vertrag mit Napalm Records: „We are thrilled to start the next chapter of THE AGONIST with Napalm Records! Since recording „Eye of Providence“ we have been exploding with creativity and are set to record our best record to date. We’ve been working non-stop on the material on and off the road and now after four albums we have really found ourselves. Vicky and I seem to operate on a hive mind where we know exactly what the other is going for in the writing before it happens. It can actually be freaky sometimes.  We are also very excited to be recording this album with Mike Plotnikoff. His experience and input will really help take our sound to a new level.“

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