Charity von Fvneral Fvkk

FVNERAL FVKK haben anlässlich der Weihnachtszeit eine Charityaktion gestartet.

Hier das Satemen der Band im Wortlaut:

Since ‚tis is the season of charity, we searched our rehearsal room and homes for some lost treasures. Lo and behold, we found some relics!
With your help, we want to assist a good cause and auction the following items off (Only as a package, not as single items):
✟ Limited white Vinyl „Carnal Confessions“(first pressing), Number 004/500, Signed by all band members (on backcover)
✟ EP “Lecherous Liturgies”, including a limited Logo Patch, printed on a piece of a white worn consecration shirt
✟ Signed caricature drawing of the band on the original “Hammer of Doom 2022” setlist (done by Frater Flagellum)
The entire proceeds will go to the german nonprofit association Eckiger Tisch e.V. ( which supports the victims of sexual abuse by catholic priests.
Here’s how it goes:
You post a comment under this post with your highest bid. The auction ends on the fourth Advent (18th December) at 18:00 (MEZ). After that, we will contact the highest bidder via private message and send the package to a given address.
We will post proof after we have made the donation, but will donate the money as a private person, since the concept of the band may be misinterpreted as derision of victims, which of course is and was never intended.

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