Ihsahn arbeitet am neuen Album

Vegard Sverre Tveitan, besser bekannt als Mastermind von IHSAHN, wird im nächsten Jahr nicht nur mehrere Live-Auftritte absolvieren, sondern auf seiner Facebook-Seite äußerte er nun auch, dass 2015 der Nachfolger von „Das Seelenbrechen„(2013) erscheinen könnte. Mehr hier:

Now, this has not kept me entirely busy for the whole year, so since January I’ve also been writing material for the next Ihsahn album, partly interrupted by rehearsals, shows and a total rebuild of our studio.

On the live front, several shows are all ready announced for 2015, and I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be back on stage with a new, handpicked line-up that I am confident will take my songs to a new dimension.

On that note, I’d like to thank Leprous for a fantastic collaboration over many years!! They have been invaluable in getting my songs to the stage and we’ve had some great trips around the world. Maybe now we’ll actually get to watch each other’s shows.


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