Morast verpflichten Endstille-Sänger

Die deutsche Sludge-/Death-Doom-Band MORAST hat einen neuen Sänger. Der neue Mann am Mikrophon ist niemand geringeres als Zingultus, bekannt als Sänger von Endstille sowie ehemals Nagelfar:

We are glad to announce that Z. (Nagelfar, Endstille) has joined Morast on our cursed path and from now on will take over all vocal duties. At the moment we are working on new material to be released hopefully in the close future…
Let darkness prevail!

Im Juni war der Ausstieg des bisherigen Fronters F. bekanntgegeben worden:

With a very sad heart we have to announce that F. is no longer a part of Morast. We would like to thank him for all his devotion, inspiration and creativity that he’d put in this band from day one and wish him the best for his future projects. To say it in his very own words: „FLAMES TO DUST – ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END.“


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