Steve Hackett: Erster Song vom neuen Album

Gitarren-Virtuose und Rock-Legende STEVE HACKETT wird sein neues Album „The Night Siren“ am 24. März über InsideOut Music veröffentlichen. Jetzt präsentiert der Musiker mit „In The Skeleton Gallery“ den ersten Track des kommenden Longplayers.

STEVE HACKETT über den Song: “I’m excited by the imminent release of my new album, The Night Siren, which includes this track, „In The Skeleton Gallery“. You know that ancient childhood night terror which creeps up on you in a dark moment when you’re least expecting it… This track moves from a dream-like groove with a Middle Eastern tinged accompaniment through to a sinister march and on to an out-there nightmare ride, before the child’s box of tricks reclaims it and the lid is finally closed…”


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01. Behind The Smoke
02. Martian Sea
03. Fifty Miles From The North Pole
04. El Niño
05. Other Side Of The Wall
06. Anything But Love
07. Inca Terra
08. In Another Life
09. In The Skeleton Gallery
10. West To East
11. The Gift

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