Sylvaine bei Season Of Mist

Das Soloprojekt von SYLVAINE wurde vom französischen Label SEASON OF MIST unter Vertrag genommen. SYLVAINE arbeitet derzeit am Nachfolger ihres 2014 erschienenen Debüt-Albums „Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart“.

SYLVAINE kommentiert: „It is with utmost pleasure that I can finally announce to have signed a deal with Season of Mist for my upcoming work! I am very proud, thankful and honoured to be taken in by one of the most respected metal labels out there, especially so early in my career. Season of Mist is a label known for its passion and innovative sense, that I feel to understand my artistic vision. I am certain they will allow me to evolve and grow in my art, while creating a good environment for me to continue to do what I love most in life. I am very optimistic about this collaboration and am excited to see what the future holds for SYLVAINE!“ 

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