Katatonia mit neuem Drummer

2014 verließ der Drummer Daniel Liljekvist die Dark-Rocker KATATONIA. Nun wurde verlautbart, dass Daniel ‚Mojjo‘ Moilanen offiziell dessen Nachfolger ist. Mit ihm soll auch das Nachfolgewerk zum 2012er Output „Dead End Kings“ aufgenommen werden, das 2016 via Peaceville Records erscheinen soll.

Frontmann Jonas Renkse dazu: We first met Mojjo back in 2009 where his band at the time, Engel had joined up with us and Paradise Lost on a UK tour and we soon realized we shared the same musical background and ideals. We stayed in touch over the years and when Daniel Liljekvist quit KATATONIA in 2014 we decided to give Mojjo a call. He has now been with us for well over a year, so far only as a live member, but now is the time for him to join the KATATONIA album cycle and most importantly – make his own impression on our new material. We can’t wait to see what this will lead to. Love him up!

‚Mojjo‘ äußerte sich dazu: From 1993 via 2009 to 2014, from today and onward into future battles. I am thankful, delighted and proud to take part in the next phase of KATATONIA and I am looking forward to the journey being as giving as it has been for the last 22 years.“

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