Shining: Niklas Kvarforth über Projekt mit Andy La Rocque (King Diamond)

SHINING-Mastermind Niklas Kvarforth hat auf Facebook ein gemeinsames Projekt mit KING-DIAMOND-Bandkopd Andy La Rocque angekündigt. Nachdem dieser bereits die letzten drei Shining-Alben produziert hatte, haben beide gemeinsam Ideen gesammelt, die sich “meilenweit von den Bands” der jeweiligen Musiker unterscheiden. Das Projekt trägt den Titel BLUE DETECTIVE, weitere Informationen sollen noch folgen.

Hier das Statement, wie es auf Facebook von SHINING veröffentlicht wurde:


NIKLAS KVARFORTH, the founder of Swedish Black Metal band SHINING, revealed earlier today that he is about to release an album, consisting of material for a previously unplanned project, on which he has been working, on and of for the last couple of years, with long-time collaborator ANDY LA ROCQUE of Sweden’s Sonic Train Studios and Danish/Swedish Heavy Metal band KING DIAMOND.

Kvarforth commented: “Andy and I have worked together for nearly a decade now as he produced the last three SHINING albums with me, and, as sometimes happens in such a demanding professional relationship, a bond is formed. However unlikely it seems from the outside, it is based on similar interests, or even a respect and admiration for each others way of doing things, which can be new or refreshingly different. The end result is the creation of a few things here and there, which happens during those times when time stands still, slotted between those exhausting periods you face during the intense, month-long recording process.

Andy and I happen to enjoy playing around with ideas, even if there is no set purpose to them, simply to learn each others ways of thinking musically, both from a producer/client standpoint, as well as combining the working methods of two completely different generations. Eventually we reached a situation where a whole album had been made, and have decided to release it upon the unsuspecting masses”

It must be pointed out that this is not a band, but a project with no intention of taking things any further than the release of an album rather than just sitting on the material. The project is called BLUE DETECTIVE and is miles apart from any of either Niklas’ or Andy’s other bands.

Stay tuned…

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