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Eight years KHOLD let their fans wait for a new album – now „Svartsyn“ is in the stores. The album is not a big surprise – and yet fans can be happy about the release. Why it took so long, what TULUS have to do with it and how drummer Sarke looks at the world, he tells us in this interview.

Your last album was released eight years ago – why did it take so long until the successor was released?
After „Til Endes“ we did some concerts and time fly by. Then some of us did some other things. Then we felt the drive again for a new album. So we have worked on this album for a couple of years now.

How long did you effectively work on the album – do you tweak your songs for years, or do you work out the material in a few concentrated sessions?
We and I have worked on riffs and ideas for this album for several years now. Then we meet and go through the material. What to use or not. Then we work out the basic for the songs. Then we get the lyrics ready for the tracks. Then we meet up all of us and work out a complete songs. Then we can maybe do some minor changes in the studio.

If the album is released now, it was probably produced during the hot phase of the pandemic – did the pandemic have any influence on the processes and the making of the album?
We wanted to record the album in Sweden, so we had to concider that, yes. But it was an opening and it worked out good in the end.

KHOLD 2022; © Sebastian Ludvigsen
KHOLD 2022; © Sebastian Ludvigsen

Now you are currently in the studio with TULUS – do you separate the creative process completely, or do you sometimes use on TULUS stuff that was written for KHOLD but not used there?
We keep that separate. For me there is a difference between those bands. I dont make songs in the same periode for any band. Sverre and Stian also contribute much more with the music in TULUS than in KHOLD.

The new KHOLD album seems more groovy to me than its predecessor – do you feel the same way, and if so: how did you achieve that?
I think that groove fits KHOLD very well and I guess it comes naturally over time. We have not think spesific about that. We have just try to make the best Khold album to date and still try to sound like KHOLD. 

The cover artwork is noticeably more modern, for the first time it’s more graphic than purely photographic. What motivated you to do this?
Nice you have notice that. When our debut album came out, we had something new and modern within the black metal scene back. And Terje, our designer, he wanted to bring that back and capture the essence and the same feeling with the new album. I think he has done a great job and succeeded with that.

As a title you have chosen „Svartsyn“, which means „pessimism“. In which respect are you pessimistic?
Svartsyn in Norwegian means more than just pessimism. When you do black metal, you have to be on that side. Black metal is not about happy times. Our lyrics with „Svartsyn“ are in general dark and evocative. They are often inspired by nature, weighty emotions, darkness, death or history.

Is the title also to be understood (world)politically, is it in context with events like pandemic and war?
You can draw the lines in that direction with that topic. But not spesific corona and ukraine. But sickness and wars through time.

How do you personally view the near and distant future of humanity? Where will we be in five, but also in fifty years?
It’s strange to see how money is controlling the world so much. In five years not so much difference, But I guess some big negative thing will happend. It’s to many people on earth and its getting more. In 50 years, I have no idea.

KHOLD 2022; © Sebastian Ludvigsen
KHOLD 2022; © Sebastian Ludvigsen

Back to the concrete future of KHOLD: Are you planning concerts again, maybe even a European tour?
Yes, some shows will be done this year and hopefully many more next year.

And will we have to wait for the next album for eight years again?
If it is going another eight years now, I don’t think there will be any more KHOLD albums. So I will rather say two to three years to the next one.

Thank you very much for the interview. Let’s wrap it up with our traditional brainstorming – what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the following terms?
The greatest rock band of all time: AC/DC
If „Svartsyn“ were a car … which type? Buick or a Camaro or something. Some American old beast. Black of course.
Corpsepaint: Theatre act.
KHOLD  in 10 years: Best of album.

Once again thanks for your time. The last words are yours – is there anything left you want to tell our readers?
Thank you. Hope people check out our new album.


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