Dark Funeral kündigen Albumaufnahmen an

Die schwedischen Black-Metaller DARK FUNERAL haben auf Facebook bekanntgegeben, in wenigen Monaten ins Studio zu gehen, um ihr nächstes Album aufzunehmen. Dafür wird die Band wieder mit Daniel Bergstrand und 33 (Fredrik Thordendals Studio) zusammenarbeiten.

Hier das Statement der Band:

A new dark age approaching…
As we all know, the world has changed quite a lot recently, yet it doesn’t seem to be the real Armageddon coming, but a temporary plague, like so many before in time.
This has obviously put a lot of our plans to a halt due to restrictions imposed worldwide. To use the time wisely, we have been working tirelessly in the background and we are now starting to see the outlines of our creation.
A new album and a new chapter is taking form.
With this said, we have once again made an agreement with Daniel Bergstrand and 33 (Fredrik Thordendals studio) and will enter the recording phase within a couple of months.
We would, again, like to aim a great THANK YOU to all of you who have
been supportive throughout these times. Every merch sale and social media share makes a difference in helping us keep our rehearsal place and to focus on, motivate and invest in, the future.
We will bring you more specific news when we know more ourselves. Keep
yourself updated on our social media channels.
/Dark Funeral 

Das letzte Album der Band, „Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign“, erschien 2016.


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