Enslaved: Erstes Live-Album angekündigt

ENSLAVED haben die Veröffentlichung ihres ersten Live-Albums „Roadburn Live“ angekündigt. Bei der Veröffentlichung handelt es sich, wie der Name bereits erahnen lässt, um einen Mitschnitt vom Auftritt beim Roadburn Festival 2015. Anlässlich des Record Store Day am 22.04.2017 wird es auch diverse limitierte Editionen des Albums zu erstehen geben. Veröffentlicht werden die LPs in Zusammenarbeit von Roadburn Records und By Norse Music. Sowohl Tracklist als auch Artwork wurden ebenfalls präsentiert.

Walter Hoeijmakers (Artistic Director des Roadburn) kommentierte die Zusammenarbeit wie folgt:
„It’s no secret that there’s a strong friendship between Roadburn and Enslaved. One of the most hard-hitting and progressive bands to come out of Norway, Enslaved has played a significant part in the festival’s history – both musically and artiscally. Not only has Enslaved been our artist in residence, bringing side-projects such as The Armageddon Concerto (the Enslaved / Shining collaboration), Dream of an Opium Eater and Trinacria to Roadburn, Ivar Bjørnson has also been our 2015 co-curator, along with Wardruna’s Einar Kvitrafn Selvik, and resulting in Skuggsjá’s first ever performance outside of Norway. Enslaved’s 2015 performances were the pinnacle of this enduring and artistic friendship, and showcased the massive influence the band has had on both Roadburn, and the (underground) metal scene for the past two decades. To have these shows captured on vinyl is a dream come true for me, and I truly hope it’s the same for anyone who was in attendance, or those who want to indulge themselves in the Northern magic of Enslaved.“

Tracklist „Roadburn Live“
01. Building With Fire
02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn
03. In Times
04. Daylight
05. Convoys To Nothingness
06. As Fire Swept Clean The Earth
07. Isa
08. Immigrant Song (Cover) (Exklusiv auf „Roadburn Live“)

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