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Belgium – country of beers, French fries and a brilliantly playing national team at the last soccer world cup. The metalhead connects Belgium with a especially one band, the mighty ABORTED. We talked to the band about the current album „TerrorVision“, inspirations and upcoming tour plans.

Hi and thanks a lot for taking time for this interview! How are you doing?
Pretty good, thank you! Pleasure is mine.

You just released your new record „TerrorVision“. Are you satisfied?
We are more than satisfied! We’re really proud of the feedback the album, fans are loving it and we are extremely grateful to them for this.

Do you Guys care about reviews and the opinion of the press?
If it’s good reviews and press, sure haha. Seriously, press is always welcome, good or bad. But so far we received lots of praise from the press too, so once again thanks for that!

„TerrorVision“ is the follow-up tot he mighty „Retrogore“, which in my opinion reshaped the sound of Aborted to an even more dynamic and massive approach. On „TerrorVision“ you continued this reshaping and added also kind of catchy choruses. Is there a masterplan behind this more focused sound or did it just happen?
I appreciate that you noticed a different result, but to be honest though it all came pretty naturally, we always write what we think it’d be good music, but of course we also try to come up with different ideas every time.

Also the lyrics of the new record are different than on your previous albums. To me, they sound like a reckoning with society. Why did you write lyrics like this for „TerrorVision“?
Take a look around, we are flooded with all sorts of news, most of them are deliberately graphic or violent and most of the time they reveal a latent (well sometimes it’s fairly patent) biased perspective. Every year there seems to be a different ’nemesis‘, a hook which glue people to the screen who don’t even question the truthfulness of what they hear, read or see. Seems like we lost the ability to think straight with cognitive independence.

You teamed up with Kohlmannslehner once more for recording, mix and master. Why is he the best producer for ABORTED?
Because he is the only one who’s down to listening to our crazy requests with infinite patience (laughs). No, seriously, he is such a committed, passionate hardworking producer we can’t think of anyone different to work with at the moment. Plus he knows us very well and knows what we want to get, but most importantly he knows how to make the band sound as best as he can.

The Cover-Artwork of „TerrorVision“ is once again quite impressive and has this unique ABORTED-Style. Who made it? Why did you decide to use exactly this motive for the cover?
Par Olofsson is the author of the cover artwork (Coki Greenway took care of the booklet designs). We wanted to recreate graphically what the album is like both lyrically and musically, so what’s better than some monstrous creatures who deprive humans of their reasoning, turning them into walking dead?

„TerrorVision“ is your 10th record. Where do you still get your inspiration from? Has it become harder to write a new record?
The more years go by the more difficult it gets to come up with new, fresh ideas, right? Well, we always try to write good, interesting music, possibly creating something different from the previous album. „Terrorvision“ is our most ambitious work to date, so I would say inspiration comes from a deep, focused observation on what’s music today without forgetting what we grew up with but mostly what we like.

You Guys did kind of a restrictive touring for „Retrogore“. Can we expect more shows for „TerrorVision“ or do you rather enjoy playing just a few bigger shows?
We just came back from an Australian tour supporting The Black Dahlia Murder where we played some new material (previously we also had a small run in New Zealand). We are now embarking on a full headline 5-week European/UK tour with Cryptopsy, Benighted and Cytotoxin (Cryptopsy, Ingested and Unfathomable Ruination in the UK/Ireland) and we already planning some more touring for next year, so yeah, expect really cool stuff shortly!

What are your favorite songs to play live?
Tough question, but I’d say „Divine Impediment“, „Termination Redux“ and „The Holocaust Reincarnate“ from our recent setlist. But obviously I can’t wait to play new songs from „Terrorvision“ too!

Looking back on more than 20 years ABORTED, what were some absolute Highlights of your career so far?
Generally speaking, being able to travel the world playing with lots of good bands and friends. There’s too many good moments, but I’d mention Summer Slaughter in 2008, our tour with Kreator, Sepultura and Soilwork last year (probably our biggest to date), our last US tour (crowd was insane and one of the best tours ever) and our recent tour with The Black Dahlia Murder in Australia, the guys are really good friends plus they’re killer musicians! Oh, and the big European festivals – Wacken, Hellfest, Graspop, Summer Breeze, Brutal Assault, MetalDays to name a few.

Thank you for the interview! Please let us do a short brainstorming in the end of this interview. What comes in your mind first reading the following terms:
Belgium (of course)
Christmas: Shopping Frenzy (ugh)
Bavaria: Oktoberfest
Best Death Metal Record ever: That’s impossible! Anyway, „Left Hand Path“ (Entombed) and „Despise the Sun“ (Suffocation) on par.

Once again thanks for your time. The last words are yours – is there anything left you want to tell our readers?
First of all, thanks for the interview, and to our fans – BLEEEURGH.

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