Children Of Bodom: Statement von Henkka, Janne and Jaska

Nachdem Henkka, Janne and Jaska bei CHILDREN OF BODOM zwar ausgestiegen waren ( berichtete), haben die drei Musiker nun via Facebook ein Statement veröffentlicht, das auch klärt, warum die drei nach wie vor die Band repräsentieren.

In ihrem Posting legen sie offen, dass Alexi Laiho seinen Anteil an der Firma CHILDREN OF BODOM an die anderen Mitglieder verkauft hat, sodass die restlichen drei die Eigentümer der Marke CHILDREN OF BODOM sind. Obwohl es keinen Streit gegeben habe, sei der Grund für ihren Rückzug jedoch nicht gewesen, dass sie sich zur Ruhe setzen wollen. Wie es nun weitergeht, bleibt aber auch in dem Statement offen. Wie Laiho weitermachen will, ließ dieser erst unlängst wissen: So wie bisher – nur unter einem neuen Bandnamen ( berichtete).

Das Statement von Henkka, Janne and Jaska liest sich im O-Ton wie folgt:

Dear fans,

2019 is coming to an end, so it’s a good time to take a look back before turning our gaze toward a new year. For us, 2019 was eventful, and a big part of that was playing our last COB gig in December. We have received a lot of questions about what we’re going to do next and why we quit. Since this decision has sparked up a conversation and false rumors, we want to talk about why we ended up making it, one more time.

There is no argument behind the band’s name trademark or its use. We have a joint agreement. Alexi Laiho sold his share of the company and this meant that the three of us became owners of the COB brand. Although plans for our future are open, what is certain is that we will never do anything to disrespect this brand and the long career we’ve built together.

Also, we definitely want to set the record straight with the misconception that we quit because we have families or wanted to retire. Music is our profession and our lives, and all our families know that. They are proud of what we do, and they completely have our back. It should also go without saying that we as individuals are not retiring.

Success brings with it the responsibility to take a stand on decisions unrelated to music as well. These decisions were very difficult for us. We were five band members, each with their own roles, but we couldn’t find a shared viewpoint during these last few years. The reason for writing this is not to point fingers but to clear things up. We are and always will be proud of what COB achieved together.

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2020!
Henkka, Janne and Jaska

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