Downfall Of Gaia: Tour wird verlegt

Auch DOWNFALL OF GAIA sind von der aktuellen Corona-Krise betroffen. Die Tour wird verschoben, hier das Statement der Band:

Probably most of you have seen it coming because a lot of other bands have already done it in the recent hours, canceled shows and tours. In the end, however, this shouldn’t really be a question of comparison, rather an awareness of the whole story. It sounds cheesy, but we think everyone is a little bit responsible for doing something of their own and avoiding unnecessary stuff to protect third parties. It starts with the crew from the venue, goes to the concert goers and ends with the old and sick. We usually never cancel shows but we do think that we have a kind of responsibility in this regard and for that reason we decided to postpone the upcoming tour dates. We hope you understand and we will keep you up to date with new dates.
See you soon!
Downfall of Gaia

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