Me And That Man: Vertrag mit Napalm Records

ME AND THAT MAN, das 2013 von Adam „Nergal“ Darski (Behemoth) gegründete Projekt, haben einen weltweiten Vertrag mit dem Label Napalm Records unterzeichnet, welcher lediglich Darskis Heimatland Polen ausschließt.

Nergal sagt über die Vertragsunterzeichnung: „It’s a pleasure to be working with a brand new team of people on a project which in many ways is brand new to me. We have some big surprises for you in the coming months so keep ‚em peeled. The record has been a lot of hard work; some blood, some tears but just wait and see, it was totally worth it!“

Sebastian Münch von Napalm Records äußerte sich wie folgt: „As I’ve been a Johnny Cash fan for many years, Songs of Love and Death turned out to be like a memorial to the country music god himself! Nergal´s creative and musical brilliance redefined an entire genre, and the album’s dark and sinister vibes were most certainly noticed in distant Nashville. Welcome, ME AND THAT MAN, to the Napalm family!“

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