Nightmarer streamen gleich zwei neue Songs

Die deutsch-amerikanische Extreme-Metal-Kombo NIGHTMARER hat mit „Death/ Swansong“ die letzten beiden Tracks auf ihrem anstehenden Album „Cacophony Of Terror“ vorab veröffentlicht. Im Song „Death“ hört man Alan Dubin (Khanate, Gnaw) als Gast am Mikro. Die Scheibe kommt am 23. März via Season Of Mist in die Läden.

Gitarrist Simon Hawermann kommentiert:

„Death“ marks the inevitable end of „Cacophony Of Terror“ – it is the final stage of a battle that was never meant to be won.

The inspiration for this song was all too real:

I had to witness a person close to me decease over the course of several days. The riffs and sounds in „Death“ reflect the heavy breathing, the tortured moans and the spasms of a dying human being – sights and sounds that are burned into my memory forever. This experience served as a morbidly twisted foundation to give death itself an appropriate soundtrack.

When it’s all over, „Death“ seamlessly transitions into „Swansong“, which offers no more than the relief of not having to fight any longer. One could not exist without the other, so we’re premiering both tracks merged into one.“

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