Satyricon beehren deutsche Konzerthallen

Satyr und Frost haben keine Abneigung zu touren, denn nachdem das Duo hinter SATYRICON bereits im letzten Jahr ausgedehnt auf Konzert-Reise ging, beispielsweise auch in München, kommen die Beiden im nächsten April wieder nach Deutschland.

22.04. BERLIN (SO36)
23.04. LEIPZIG (WERK 2)

Auf ihrer Facebook-Seite äußern sich SATYRICON wie folgt:
SATYRICON World Europa 2013 supporting the release of their self-titled record, was a massive success with the band securing a record amount of sold out shows on their European tour.
The upcoming «The Dawn Of A New Age Tour 2015» celebrates the release of «Satyricon – Live At The Opera». «Satyricon – Live At The Opera» was recorded and filmed at the Norwegian National Opera performing with the Norwegian National Opera chorus and will be released as a double CD/DVD box set and on vinyl. It is scheduled for a March 2015 release. SATYRICON did not tour Europe in 2014 and this tour will be the only tour the band will do in Europe in 2015.

I want to do this tour to complete the circle on the album «Satyricon», I want to get behind the «Live At The Opera» album which is as far away from a conventional live album as you can get, and I want to share that experience with our fans in our «hometown», Europe. «Live At The Opera» came out brilliant and while this is now on its way out, we are actually working on two more records alongside each other. «The Dawn Of A New Age 2015» is a great arena for us to do shows out of the ordinary. We plan on playing songs that we never play live, we plan on doing live jam sessions and we want this to be a special tour. Not just a tour supporting the release of an album. We don’t tour as much as we used to and we like it that way. We spend a lot of time in our studio these days and music has never felt so good. In 2015 you will get to see the beginning of the new SATYRICON which is a band that is waving goodbye to the pre-set formulas of the music industry. You can’t vote on songs for us to play, there won’t be any lame sponsors, but if you play an instrument particularly well, get in touch with us and come jam with us on stage or you can enjoy watching. This tour is to celebrate our relationship with our fans. I think this has the potential of being our best tour ever and I know it’s going to be absolutely fantastic», states Satyr.

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