Kreator und Arch Enemy teilen 7″

KREATOR haben die Veröffentlichung einer streng limitierten 7″-Split mit den Schweden von ARCH ENEMY angekündigt. Beide Bands werden jeweils einen Song beisteuern und erscheinen soll die Vinyl am 14.11.2014. Es wird fünf verschiedene Farbengeben: Rot, Schwarz, Silber, Orange und Gold. Silber und Orange wird es dabei ausschließlich über den Nuclear Blast Mailorder geben, Gold ist sogar lediglich den Bronze-Kunden vorbehalten.

Die Tracklist:
Side A (ARCH ENEMY) – Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)
Side B (KREATOR) – Iron Destiny

Mille Petrozza sagte zu der Veröffentlichung: „Finally, after all these years ARCH ENEMY and KREATOR not only tour together but will also release a split single! I have always been a fan of this stuff since these are special little collectors items. We chose the song ‚Iron Destiny‘ for this. Lyrically, this is a tribute to the early days of the band… the days when we were young metalheads, discovering the music that we still love to this day. KREATOR is looking forward to this run and we hope to see all of you!“

Folgendes Statement gibt es von Michael Amott: „Super excited about the upcoming tours in Europe and USA with KREATOR, and it’s really cool to have this split vinyl 7″ coming out to celebrate the extreme metal party of the year! Covering the JUDAS PRIEST classic ‚Breaking The Law‘ is obviously not the most original idea, but this is a pretty heavily rearranged version that sounds very ARCH ENEMY and anyhow there’s no denying that the mighty PRIEST is a great influence on the band. Enjoy this unique and limited KREATOR / ARCH ENEMY release and see you on the road!“

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