Obscure Sphinx: Absage der verbliebenen Tourtermine

Die polnischen Sludge-Doomer OBSCURE SPHINX müssen nach einer Panne an ihrem Tourbus die verbliebenen drei Tourtermine absagen. Betroffen davon sind die Shows in Gießen (Jokers Club), Heidelberg („End Of Music“-Festival) und München (Backstage Club).

Hier das Statement der Band:

Dear friends, bad news.
Unfortunatelly our bus has broken down in Gdańsk yesterday morning and since then we have been trying to fix it but we couldnt… We have tried to rent a replacement quick but we couldnt find any suitable option. There is literally nothing we can do to get to the shows in Giessen, Heidelberg and Munich. We have to cancell the whole tour this week. We are so sorry I hope we can make it up to you someday, come back to those cities and play kickass shows. Sorry again and see you next time.
Obscure Sphinx

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