Omega Infinity unterschreiben bei Season Of Mist

Season Of Mist haben bekannt gegeben, OMEGA INFINITY unter Vertrag genommen zu haben: Es handelt sich um das neue Projekt von Xen, Mitglied der australischen Progressive Metaller von Ne Obliviscaris und Tentakel P von Todtgelichter.

Xen kommentiert: „OMEGA INFINITY is an outlet for both T. and myself, a vessel for our darker explorations, and Season of Mist ultimately was the best choice to help us on our journey. Signing with them was an easy decision considering their long-term ability to grow unique bands, allowing them to flourish with integrity and to be themselves. Also, NE OBLIVISCARIS has been working with them for years, and so I’ve a good relationship and understanding how they are…that familiarity will help when we’re lost in space.“

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