Skeletal Remains: Infos zum neuen Album

SKELETAL REMAINS haben erste Infos zum kommenden Album bekannt gegeben. Das neue Werk wird auf den Namen „The Entombment Of Chaos“ hören und soll am 11.09.2020 via Century Media erscheinen. Die Tracklist des Albums ist ebenfalls schon bekannt, genau wie das Artwork.

Die Band selbst kommentiert das Album so: „We chose to work with Dan Seagrave along with Dan Swanö once again for the artwork and mixing/mastering of the album as we were very satisfied with the work they both did on our last record. This time around there are a few more songs on seven-string guitar than the last album, making it an overall heavier sounding record. We also wanted to incorporate more aggression and brutality this time around to give the album that extreme edge it needed to top our last three releases. In addition to that, we brought in our good friend Charlie Koryn (Funebrarum, Ascended Dead) on drums to add his own pummeling sound into the mix giving us an end result we’re all extremely proud of. We cannot wait to share it with all fans of Death Metal!“

01. Cosmic Chasm (Intro)
02. Illusive Divinity
03. Congregation Of Flesh
04. Synthetic Impulse
05. Tombs Of Chaos
06. Enshrined In Agony (Instrumental)
07. Dissectasy
08. Torturous Ways To Obliteration
09. Eternal Hatred
10. Unfurling The Casket
11. Stench Of Paradise Burning (Disincarnate Cover) – Bonus Track

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