Devilish Impressions: Neues Label, EP im Herbst

Die polnischen Melodic-Black-/Death-Metaller DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS haben einen Vertrag mit Non Serviam Records abgeschlossen. Die EP „Postmortem Whispering Crows“, Nachfolger des vierten Studioalbums „The I“, soll im Herbst 2019 erscheinen.

Ricardo Gelok, Boss von Non Serviam Records kommentiert: „The first time I heard of Devilish Impressions, they impressed me a lot. Their music is exactly what we like to hear at Non Serviam Records and we knew we had to sign the band and release their new music.“ 

DEVILISH-IMPRESSIONS-Frontmann Quazarre fügt hinzu: „Non Serviam sounds like a perfect motto to what we carry as the message behind the band’s activities. A torch of freedom held up, as crows flying high… ‚Postmortem Whispering Crows‘ EP coming soon on Non Serviam Records!“

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