Agathodaimon veröffentlichen Artworks zu jedem Song

Die deutschen Dark-Metaller von AGATHODAIMON veröffentlichen in den nächsten Tagen zu jedem Song ihres kommenden Albums „The Seven“ ein Artwork samt Liner Notes.
Der Anfang macht das Artwork zu „Ain’t Death Grand“.

Agathodaimon Metal1

Die Gestalter CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM sagen dazu: “The blindfolded savior opens his chest to expose his damaged heart. He reflects the psychoanalytic conflict between the instinctual desires (immediate satisfaction) and the self-imposed moralistic restrictions (Id versus super-ego).”
Gitarrist Sathonys fügt an: “The first single we released, and the first song we’ve written for THE SEVEN. Nice balance between new and old school, a lot of things happening here, and overall a very intense song with a lot of groove and. You’ll surely will find this one in our live set.”

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