The Dillinger Escape Plan: neues Album im Oktober

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN werden ihr kommendes Album am 14. Oktober via Party Smasher Inc. veröffentlichen. Das neue Werk der Mathcore-Truppe aus New Jersey wird den Namen „Dissociation“ tragen.

Ben Weinman, Gitarrist der Band, kommentierte die Musik auf dem neuen Album in einem Interview:
„It’s heavy, man. It’s super-heavy, it’s definitely dark, but I think it’s actually weirder than maybe our last record. There’s, like, ideas and riffs that just are so weird. I have to say when I hear it, I’m proud to say nobody sounds like DILLINGER, really. We may be the worst band in the world, but when I listen to it, I really don’t think anybody would ever write a riff like this. And that’s, I guess, what I’m most proud of. And that’s what you gotta do, that’s what we try to be, you know? A band that stands out.“

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