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With „I Loved You At Your Darkest“ BEHEMOTH have created perhaps their most catchy work to date. Unfortunately not only the songs, but also the answers that drummer Inferno gave us on the US tour are short and somewhat interchangeable.

Hi Inferno! How are you doing?
Hey. All good here. At this moment we in the middle of headlining US tour. Everything goes smooth and the shows are incredible. First time we could bring with us that big production.

Your new album is entitled „I Loved You At Your Darkest“ – why was that the perfect title for the album?
I think it fits very well and the title is not unequivocal. On the one hand, it is very poetic and on the other hand is contrasting with the style in which we move.

What was the main concept behind the artwork and what do you associate with this picture when you look at it?
Every person can see different things and that is a good point. You can see god on his pedestal and at the same time you can say this is fall of god. And of course it can have many connections with the Bible too.

The last album with so many children singing as a choir that I listened to it was „The Wall“ by Pink Floyd. What inspired you to use this element in „I Loved You At Your Darkest”?
 I’m really a big fan of Pink Floyd so it’s complement, but this is extreme metal and I I think doing something like that in this genre is great.

Who are the children we can hear on your album? Was it hard to find children to sing on a BEHEMOTH-release?
These children are our friends kids and it was not a big deal to make it happen.

Did you also give them the finished album to listen to and if so, what did they think?
I hope they know the album pretty well and they are proud of it. Also their parents are hard-headed people.

The songs are shorter, there are 12 songs in 46 minutes, last time it were only 9. Have you been aware of that fact during songwriting, or did it just came out that way?
Everything came naturally on this album, exactly how we wanted to feel and hear it. No calculation, just pure energy during the rehearsals. I really like the final result and I can’t imagine different kind of work system.

The arrangements are more diverse, and at some points looser then on the last one – for example, there are many „stand-alone-guitar-soli“ without a concomitant riff on the second guitar. What inspired you to do that?
I think about it as an entire structure and if it fits with the songs then we are satisfied. I’m glad that we can use different means of expression.

Besides the music, BEHEMOTH is famous for selling nearly every kind of merch. The latest BEHEMOTH-merchandise I saw was dog food to promote the „God = Dog“ single. Don’t you see any danger of damaging the band’s image?
It was not merchandise, rather some kind of performance. And it’s simple because there will always be someone who will not like it. I buy a lot of band’s march by myself and this is very natural for me as a fan and musician.

What do you say to fans who criticize merch products like your own coffee or similar as commercial products?
Do not buy it.

Thank you for the interview! Please let us do a short brainstorming:
Being on tour:
Part of life
The Voice: Intellect
Satan: Freedom
Health: Action
Holidays: One day

Once again thanks for your time. The last words are yours:
Hail Satan.


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