Omnium Gatherum mit neuem Label-Vertrag

Die finnischen Melodic-Death-Metaller OMNIUM GATHERUM haben kürzlich bekanntgegeben, dass sie einen Vertrag mit Century Media unterzeichnet haben. Ihre kommenden Alben werden weltweit über das Label veröffentlicht werden.

Jens Prüter von Century Media über den Vertrag mit der Band: “It’s already 7 years ago when we first met at legendary show in my „live living room“, the Turock Club in Essen, Germany. Swallow The Sun, Insomnium and OMNIUM GATHERUM was the dream package for every fan of dark metal! We stayed in contact over all the years and I’m really happy that we now can complete the trio of this very remarkable night. The last OMNIUM GATHERUM album „Grey Heavens“ turned out to be a high point of their almost 20 year long career and we all know that the band will continue to grow. I want to thank my friend and OG founding member Markus Vanhala for the trust in Century Media and I would also like to thank Stefan Lüdicke from Lifeforce Records for the great work on the last 3 albums!”

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