Pro-Pain trennen sich von Gitarristen

PRO-PAIN haben sich von ihrem Gitarrist Tom Klimchuck getrennt. Hier die entsprechenden Statements:

„It is with great sadness that we bring to you (the fans) the followingnews: Due to unexpected circumstances regarding some potentially serioushealth issues, our long time lead guitarist and dear friend Tom Klimchuckwill unfortunately have to put his musical endeavors on ahold for at leastthe foreseeable future. Although we all wanted so much for Tom to be ableto participate in the 20 Year Anniversary tours, we collectively decidedthat it was too risky and that his health and family should takeprecedent. Thankfully, (with Tom’s blessing) we have found a replacementin Adam Phillips (Indorphine) and so the tours will move forward asplanned. The fans can expect a great show, as we have quite an ambitiousset list lined up for them. A personal statement from Tom to the fans canbe expected shortly. In the meantime, we welcome Adam aboard and we wishTom a speedy and full recovery. Thank you all for your support during thisdifficult time and transition, and special thanks to Tom for his manyyears of flawless commitment to our beloved band (this tour’s for you). Wehope to see you all at the gigs!!“

Tom Klimchuck:
„Although thoroughly saddened by the realization that my time in Pro-Painis at its end, I look back with an overwhelming sense of gratitude andpride. The band has been an absolute blessing to me. It has provided aplatform with which to fight the good fight, and bring inspiration throughcommonality to people all around the world. All the while offeringcountless, magical experiences that most can only dream of. I owe amassive „Thank you!“ to Gary, Marshall, Ricky, and Adam, as well as allprevious members, and crew past and present; my brothers. It has been aprivilege sharing the stage, and sharing so many incredible times with youall. These are the fabric of our souls, and you are all irreversiblywoven into mine. A very special „Thank you.“ goes out to all the Pro-Painfans. It is a powerful thing to watch a large group of people, seeminglystrangers to one another, find common ground, and even inspiration insomething I have put my heart and soul into. This is the show you havegiven me as I’ve looked out from the stage to all of you, and the gift youhave given me that I will have forever. I am eternally grateful.“

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